My Lemon Juice Diet Review

Hi everyone – my name is Kim, I live in the Midlands (UK). I intend to use this page to write up my personal review of the lemon juice diet.

I have been using the lemon weight loss method for a little over a year now and on this page will be my detailed documented results. The results I have achieved using lemon juice / master cleanse are not just weight loss related, so I will also give a review of how the lemon juice diet has impacted my overall health, fitness and energy levels.

Kim’s Lemon Juice Diet Review

I began the lemon juice diet because I got to a stage in my life where I really was sick of trying to lose weight and simply getting nowhere.

I tried every weight loss product, diet, pill out there. You name it, I tried it. And failed with it.

I started the lemon juice diet having signed up for a trial of THIS PRODUCT

and it’s fair to say I was sceptical, but very willing and hopeful.

My initial research in to achieving weight loss through lemons was all very positive. It seemed to me that the science and logic was very strong. No mumbo jumbo or wild promises.

More to follow…

a lemon has been zested
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