A Lemon Juice Recipe For Losing Weight Fast

As more celebrity advocates get on board with the great weight loss and cleansing benefits of the world famous lemon juice diet, here we look at a great lemon juice recipe which works well in combination with Hcg for weight loss. If you are familiar with Hcg, you’ll know it requires a very low calorie diet to perform effectively in the body. Organic food like raw vegetables, fruits, fruit juices (lemon juice), celery and seeds are ideal in your Hcg days. Lemon is a must include in your diet. This will detox your body and side by side rejuvenate you with multiple vitamins. Check out this easy yet delicious lemon juice recipe.

Lemon Juice Recipe Ingredients

* 1 Lemon

* Salt and Black pepper for taste

* Mint

* honey

* Sugar free sweetener

* 1 glass of water

Preparing The Lemon Juice Recipe:

Cut lemon into pieces and squeeze it well to get the juice from it. Mix all ingredients in water and serve cold. You can add 1 teaspoon of honey to make it tastier. The tangy taste of this beverage complements your Hcg weight loss therapy.

Does The Lemon Juice Recipe Work For Weight Loss?

* The Hcg lemon juice recipe for weight loss absolutely worth the hype as it is fat free and don’t have the slightest amount of starch.

* The VLCD or 500 calorie diet everyday which is must in Hcg diet plan actually detox the body and burn calories to release fresh energy. This increase the metabolism and slim down the person.

* Hcg is an appetite suppressant. Beverage like Lemon juice control the hunger and doesn’t make you weaker. It is a perfect drink after the lunch.

* For fast and sure result, try using Hcg homeopathic sublingual drops. The diet drops are taken under the tongue. So, there are no fears of pain or muscle cramps that are common in injection shots. Besides these, the diluted medicine contain real cg that gets absorbed in the blood circulation in less than 5 minutes and start burning fats into calories. So, why push painful needles when you have oral drops by your side.

lemon juice weight loss recipe

Before you consider whether the lemon juice diet is going to be a suitable solution for your own weight loss goals, consider:

  • The battle of bulge is very fierce.
  • Many people put in lots of efforts and see no results and only a handful succeed in losing weight and then stick to it for years.
  • The difficulty to achieve a significant weight loss often prompts people to resort to weight loss programs.
  • The weight loss industry is warming with unlimited diet plans, the right choice requires lot of introspection.
  • Every plan just does not work for everyone.
  • It definitely pays you in the long run to choose a weight loss program that suits you and your lifestyle.

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